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Dialysis Center Appointments
  • Safety First
  • On-Time Arrivals
  • Reliable Scheduling
  • Service Excellence
Scheduled Doctor’s Appointments
  • Doctor’s Surgery Appointments
  • Doctor’s Routine Appointments
  • Service Excellence

Hospitals & Nursing Facilities Discharges

  • Hospital Admission/Discharge
  • Nursing Facilities Admission/Discharge
  • Service Excellence
             First Aid Event Services
  • Small or Large Venue Events

  • Sporting Events

  • Community Festivals / Fairs

  • University / School Events 

  • Movie / TV Film Sets

Wheel Chair Transport


(Coming Soon)

Advanced Life Support (Emergency)
(Not Available At this Time)

Explore DELTAMED's Specialized BLS Ambulance Services

 DELTAMED takes pride in offering a diverse range of specialized Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulance services tailored to meet unique needs. From innovative mobile healthcare solutions to expertly managing fire operations, our services extend beyond traditional ambulance offerings to ensure safety, reliability, and excellence in every critical moment.

Mobile Healthcare Solutions

DELTAMED's Mobile Healthcare Solutions bring healthcare directly to your doorstep. Our specially equipped ambulances are designed to deliver essential medical services, health check-ups, and preventive care to individuals and communities. With a focus on accessibility and convenience, we bridge the gap to ensure everyone has access to vital healthcare resources.

Fire Operations Support

In times of fire emergencies, DELTAMED collaborates seamlessly with fire operations to ensure comprehensive support. Our specialized team and fleet are equipped to navigate emergency situations alongside firefighting efforts. From medical assistance to coordinating evacuations, DELTAMED is a trusted partner in community safety during fire incidents.

Healthcare Innovation Services

DELTAMED is at the forefront of healthcare innovation, constantly exploring cutting-edge technologies and practices. Our Healthcare Innovation Services incorporate the latest advancements in emergency medical care, ensuring that our patients benefit from progressive and efficient healthcare solutions. Trust DELTAMED to bring innovation to the forefront of your care.

Federal Services Section

Government Agency Support

DELTAMED understands the importance of maintaining the health and well-being of government officials and employees.

Military Base Medical Services

For military installations, DELTAMED provides specialized ambulance services tailored to the unique needs of our armed forces.

Federal Emergency Response

In times of national emergencies, DELTAMED is ready to support federal emergency response efforts.

Diplomatic Mission Support

DELTA MED takes pride in providing health security for diplomats and personnel involved in diplomatic missions.

Federal Event Standby

For federal gatherings and events, DELTAMED offers Federal Event Standby services, ensuring the availability of medical support on-site.

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